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to detox or not to detox

Hard to believe autumn is around the corner already and the Swiss Alps have had their first snow this weekend with 100 days to go until Christmas. Most of us have gotten back into our regular routines and some are thinking of turning it up a notch, accelerating the path to back in shape with a detox. If you’re up to speed with the latest fashion in the detox field, it most likely involves drinking nothing but (cold pressed) juices for a couple of days. If you do it right, you should feel energized and healthier afterwards and maybe you will even lose some weight. Are you a #juicelover or do you #dailytox?

detoxing brings balance back

Every day our bodies are ‘attacked’ by toxic substances from air pollution, food additives, chemicals, pesticides,… which affects our metabolism, our immune system, and our mental state. When toxins get stored in our bodies’ tissues and cells, long-term effects can lead to disease. We’re very fortunate to be equipped with a liver, kidneys and lungs that help evacuate pollutants. These three organs are in charge of detoxing the body; they work constantly to remove toxic substances and restores balance, allowing us to feel good and be full of energy.

how often?

Does detoxing make sense? Yes it does! And there are different ways to go about it. Those who do a regular deep cleans are often thrilled about the positive effects and if you have strong willpower you may want to give it a go. I would recommend to check with your health practitioner first to make sure you’re physically strong and healthy enough to do it and if you’re a teenager I would hold off for a couple of years. There is nothing wrong with kickstarting the process; the key is to keep it going!


Personally I prefer to not focus on an intense cleanse but rather to detox every day. Living a healthy life does not have to be difficult, if you develop a routine of positive and healthy practices, which you engage in regularly, eating healthfully can become second nature. Think about other habits you have such as eating (probably) three meals every day or brushing your teeth before going to bed. By nature we are all creatures of habit, we instinctively adopt routines for most regular activities. So instead of relying on intense, short-lived detoxes, you can start incorporating these healthy habits every single day of your life:

daily detox do's

  • Drink water with lemon, lukewarm lemon infused water first thing in the morning will wake up your metabolism
  • Drink water or tea throughout the day, coffee is ok too, just limit caffeine after 12 noon especially if you’re sensitive to it
  • Eat more vegetables, particularly dark leafy greens such as broccoli, spinach, Swiss chards or kale, they are packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals – start your day with a (green) smoothie, that’s a great way to get a dose of fruits and veggies in
  • Load up on herbs and spices for anti-inflammatory benefits and because they are flavour bombs too: cilantro, ginger, turmeric, parsley, cayenne
  • Get fresh air, try to spend 20 minutes outside every day
  • Add paragraph text here.

healthy lifestyle

Detoxing really is about creating healthy habits, about eating wholesome foods every day to help your body flush the toxins. The more we learn about nutrition, the more it seems we should eat the way people did a century (or longer) ago. Recent scientific research points out the health benefits of wholesome of whole foods – that is, foods that are as close to their natural form as possible. Out with the refined and processed foods, in with the fresh produce! Out with the readymade meals and into the kitchen yourself; or order in from caterers who offer a wholesome service. Try to avoid foods high in sugar, salt, fried foods, take it easy on the caffeine, and, if you can, try to skip alcohol all together.

If in addition you make sure to get enough quality sleep and exercise you should be feeling energized and fitter within a week and you are on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Below you’ll find a grocery list for your new lifestyle. There is no need for superfoods either; fresh produce is the real superfood!

healthy grocery list

  • any vegetables and especially dark leafy greens and broccoli, fresh or deep frozen
  • any type of fruit (fresh or frozen, or dried but not too often as they are high in (natural fruit) sugars)
  • herbs and spices (fresh, frozen or dried)
  • nuts and seeds (unsalted)
  • brown rice, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes
  • quinoa, oatmeal
  • dairy alternatives such as almond or coconut milk
  • olive oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil
  • meat, fish, poultry, shellfish, tofu, tempeh… (fresh or frozen, canned tuna is also an option)
  • beans, chickpeas (fresh if you are patient, canned but preferably without/with little added salt)
  • eggs
  • herbal tea
healthy habits to you!

If after reading this you are interested in learning more about healthy living, I invite you to the Hello Healthy Club for a 5 week #HealthHuddle! Sign up now for free by subscribing to the Hello Healthy blog. Be fast, only limited spots available!

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