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As summer winds down to an end we find ourselves facing the return to routine, we have to deal with the fact that holidays are over; back to school/work! And maybe you are feeling a little nostalgic about the long and almost past summer. I enjoy thinking back to what it was like growing up. I was happy and carefree and it wasn't until much later that I realised how happy I actually was. My family lived in a spacious house with a sizeable garden and my parents cultivated (and still do so today) many of the vegetables and fruits that ended up on our table. On weekends we would visit my grandparents, ran around on their farm and ate more foods produced on their land. I definitely consider myself a lucky kid having grown up like this, but how do we live healthily today when we’re already so busy with work and life? Surely not many have time left to start taking care of a vegetable garden on top of everything else. Getting on the road to a healthier life does not need to involve radical change, let’s look at a few concrete actions you can undertake.

healthy habits

Each month thousands of people sign up for the gym, and each month thousands drop out again. The initial excitement wears off when progress does not come fast enough, or willpower goes out the window and old habits quickly reclaim their spot. But what is it with willpower? Why don’t we have more? Truth is that habits will have willpower for breakfast any day! Easy for the lucky kid in this story who grew up in a happy-healthy environment, wouldn’t you think? But I fell off the wagon too. My early adult years at university and right thereafter were undoubtedly my most unhealthy ones. Rushing from one class to the next, working long hours in a bar to make some extra cash I would spend mainly on beers and pizza. For a while it didn’t matter, I was young, in good health, had lots of fun and then I found myself with a couple of unwanted extra kilos.

As I never had to worry about my health or weight before I was completely clueless on how to go about it; it wasn’t until after I had read multiple books and magazines that it all of a sudden dawned to me that I grew up breathing the very basics of it. Over the years I explored several different sports or methods to be(come) healthy(er) and the one constant is that I always tried connecting it to what I knew deep down. Since then I kept on reading and learning because I wanted to know everything out there, even if it clearly concerned fad diets, crazy machines or ludicrous methodologies tools... Filtering out the things that work for me and those around me, I am right now finalizing a guide that puts it all together.

not a diet, not an exercise plan

The Hello Healthy Guide is more than a diet or an exercise plan; it aims to explain what you need to know so you can continue on a healthy track after completing the five week plan. It provides you with a step-by-step action plan listing the things you can do to work your way to a healthier life. It’s no rocket science and you don’t need to be(come) a crazy sports addict nor do you need to start weighing all your food or meticulously count calories.

The Hello Healthy Guide is a five week kickstarter toward a healthier you; focusing on five key aspects:

  • the often underrated importance of sleep
  • easy to digest information on nutrition
  • an exercise plan for at home or at the gym
  • health benefits of leading an active life
  • practical tips to be zen and improve work-life balance

hello healthy club

Step-by-step and practical tips does not necessarily mean easy. Changing habits, even for the ultra-motivated ones takes effort, and that is why I want to invite you to join the Hello Healthy Club on Instagram or Facebook for daily motivation.

The health movement will get started on October 1st and I would love you to be part of it!

Register online to receive the plan for week 1 for free, no strings attached!

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