We humans have been extremely good at inventing new products improving our life standard. Unfortunately some of these inventions can be harmful in the long run, not only for ourselves but also for the environment. Scientists have been working hard and listed almost 1000 chemicals that can impact our hormones. Below I list five of them I like to avoid:

  • BPA is a plastic hardener, luckily many products now indicate when they're BPA-free
  • Chemical UV-filters can be found in certain cosmetics and sunscreens, you can check for those products that are safe for your skin, and for sun protection, also for the oceans
  • Parabenes: thanks to my hairdresser I learned to avoid these in shampoos, they are however also present in other body-care products and foods such as salad dressings and canned fish. If it has E214 or E219, stay clear!
  • Triclosan is an antibacterial, great you might think as it keeps things clean... think again. You don't want this on your skin or in your mouth. Unfortunately it is often used in toothpaste, shampoo, soap, facial lotions, aftershave or deodorant.
  • Ftalates do the opposite of what BPAs do, they keep plastics soft and can be found in toys, plastic bags, flooring tiles and shoes. But also again in cosmetics or even chewing gum.

less is more

I have great admiration for people who manage to live a truly natural live, who are fully aware of all those products and habits we created that are simply not good for our health in the long run and who manage to do without them. I am not there (yet) and I doubt if I ever will when I really think about it. I do however keep my eyes and ears open and make daily efforts to create healthy habits for myself and my family. In an era where we're surrounded by new stuff every day, I firmly believe that less is more. Less processed is better for you goes for food. Less hormone disturbing chemicals - or better, non at all - in everyday objects, cosmetics and foods is definitely the way to go and the path I am taking.

small changes

I enjoy comfort and replacing something with something else that is more sustainable but at the same time more effort and time consuming is very hard. Some changes are however much easier, like changing shampoo brands, opting for a more environment friendly cleaning product or detergent,...your skin and nature will thank you for it!

Even small changes can have big impact and you don't have to radically change all at once either.

Live fully and live plenty, live also aware!

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