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bitesize: workout timing

You may wonder if there is a 'best time' to work out. In my opinion, exercise is supposed to feel good and finding the right time for you is really about personal preference. Working out too late may however disrupt sleep, so I would try to avoid that. ⠀

  • It may be easier to stick to a morning workout routine as there is little risk of conflicting activities, it is however not for you if you're not a morning person
  • A lunchtime training session can be great to break up your day, it does however not fit with all kinds of jobs and workplaces
  • From a physiological standpoint it appears there are many (science backed) benefits for training in the afternoon. Your body will have had the time to heat up which causes your muscles to be more flexible and efficient. Hormones promoting muscle growth also peak in the afternoon whereas the ones for fat storage tend to be reduced. Afternoons are good for training explosiveness.⠀

No matter what time you end up choosing to work out, you will want to spread it throughout the week rather than saving it up for one or two all-in sessions where you go all-in.⠀

Finally there’s your body clock that determines whether you are a night owl or an early riser and there really is not much you can do to change that. If you have no constraints you can try out different timings to determine what suits you best. For the most of us a moment that fits our schedule (family, work,…) and that makes exercise a regular, consistent part of our life will be the way to go!

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