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bitesize: foods to avoid

These days we’re being flooded with information on healthy foods, super healthy foods, superfoods and it’s hard to distinguish between what is really true and when health benefits of certain foods are hugely exaggerated out of commercial interest. Rather than thinking of foods to add to your diet, it can be worthwhile to think of those you should stop eating (or eat less of). ⠀

a quick and dirty overview:

  • barbecued meats
  • sugary sodas and energy drinks
  • light products that claim to have no sugar (but have aspartame instead)
  • cold cuts and processed meats
  • processed foods in general and fast food in particular
  • instant soups, instant noodles
  • chips (this one makes me cry) and other deep fried foods
  • refined palm tree oil (also benefits the environment if you stop consuming this)⠀

healthy habits to aim for:

  • read labels in the supermarket
  • replace industrial products by homemade
  • take time to prepare nice meals
  • set the good example for your kids⠀
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